A huge thank you to everyone who came down to join in our open conversations at the National Science and Media Museum’s first Open Day. This was the first of many sessions we will run to meet with anyone and everyone who has ideas about the role the museum might play in the district or who just wants to find out more about our project. We hope to build new networks and meet new collaborators interested in helping us shape the next steps of the research.

Screenshot of albums on Flickr relating to the Open Day event

At the session we asked people to share with us via post it notes what’s exciting them about Bradford at the moment, and their ideas for how the museum can develop its connections in Bradford. We have now collated and photographed all of these amazing post it contributions and uploaded them to Flickr. We are tagging the photos with the phrases ‘ExcitingInBradfordBNMP’ and ‘NSMMNewIdeasBNMP’ so that you can search them. We will also tag them with what is written on the ‘post it’ e.g. ‘BradfordOdeonBNMP’ or ‘CommunityExhibitionsBNMP’ so that we can spot any patterns that emerge and analyse the results. All of these ideas will feed back into the project and the way that the museum develops a new role within the Bradford district.

Post it contributions to the question 'What is getting you excited about Bradford at the moment?'

If you couldn’t make it on the day there are still many ways you can join in the conversation. We will be having an on-going website and twitter conversation, so as many people as possible can be involved. Watch this space for other Open Conversation events! Email us your ideas or thoughts to bnmp@leeds.ac.uk! Or follow the conversation on Twitter.

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