Taking our research questions to Chicago and Washington DC

In November a group of us linked to Bradford and Bradford’s National Museum project are spending time in Chicago and Washington DC. The group are Jo Quinton-Tulloch, Sarah Ledjmi and Gin Jacobucci (National Science and Media Museum), , Julia Ankenbrand, Helen Graham and Lynn Wray (University of Leeds), Nabeleeh Hafeez (creative practitioner on the Above…

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Fast FM Radio: Bradford and the Origins of Muslim Community Broadcasting – Seán McLoughlin

In an effort to cut down on pirate radio stations, the 1990 Broadcasting Act allowed short-term “Restricted Service Licences” (RSLs) for the first time. Such licences enabled community groups to broadcast for around one month within a local radius of around three to five kilometres. This new opportunity prompted pioneering broadcasters working on local Asian…

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Bradford’s Big Image Problem – Si Cunningham Explores Why Modern Media Imagery is Telling a Tale of Two Cities

A Google image search for the word ‘Bradford’ throws up some predictable results. Predictable, that is, if you’re a Bradfordian. The first few pages almost exclusively feature depictions of City Park, the vast new public space that laps up to the walls of Bradford’s awesome neo-gothic City Hall. This should come as no surprise to…

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