Bradford’s Translocal Connections: Changing Technologies, Media Representations, Staying in Touch – Seán McLoughlin

Like any city or district Bradford comprises the sum of the lives of its individual citizens and the households, streets, neighbourhoods and institutions in which they dwell. However, given its longstanding associations with imperial trade and international migration, Bradford also provides a world-class example of the ongoing significance of local to local – or “translocal”…

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Living Translocally – Tim Smith

Bradford is renowned as being a cosmopolitan District that’s home to many communities with origins in different parts of the world. Less well known is that its closest links with places overseas are with very specific, often rural, localities rather than capital cities or entire countries. This phenomenon can be described as “translocalism”, and these…

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What connects thinking about Bradford, thinking about communities and thinking about Science and Technology? – Helen Graham

As you can see from our Questions page, we’re asking a range of questions about the museum, about Bradford, about communities and about the science and technology of media. In asking the questions, as is suggested by the project title and the repeated use of the word, we’re seeking connections. As we launch the project,…

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