Taking our research questions to Chicago and Washington DC

In November a group of us linked to Bradford and Bradford’s National Museum project are spending time in Chicago and Washington DC. The group are Jo Quinton-Tulloch, Sarah Ledjmi and Gin Jacobucci (National Science and Media Museum), , Julia Ankenbrand, Helen Graham and Lynn Wray (University of Leeds), Nabeleeh Hafeez (creative practitioner on the Above…

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Hello. Can you see me?

Pakeezah Zahoor has held roles in a number of cultural organizations and now works at the National Science and Media Museum. She has a background in postcolonial theory and is concerned with ideas surrounding race, culture and identity. This letter is written in response to the politics and practices of ‘the diversity agenda’. Replies welcome.…

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What connects thinking about Bradford, thinking about communities and thinking about Science and Technology? – Helen Graham

As you can see from our Questions page, we’re asking a range of questions about the museum, about Bradford, about communities and about the science and technology of media. In asking the questions, as is suggested by the project title and the repeated use of the word, we’re seeking connections. As we launch the project,…

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