Bradford’s National Museum research project is part of the reinvention of the National Science and Media Museum.

The National Science and Media Museum’s reinvention has focused on two key strategies. The first is to make the most of its roots in the Science Museum, with the new Wonderlab and the change of name to the National Science and Media Museum. The second is to become better connected in Bradford.

Over the next three years we’ll be experimenting with how these two new strategies of focussing on science and technology and celebrating being a distinctively Bradford museum can be combined. We’ve got some questions to explore – but the way we’re doing this is through working with anyone else interested and trying lots of different things out.

Here are some of the questions we’re using to do this:

History: How did the museum come to be in Bradford? Can understanding the history of the museum and the history of Bradford since 1983 help us plan for the future?

Stories: How can stories of people in Bradford help bring to life the science and technology of media?

Connections beyond: How is Bradford connected to other places, in the UK and beyond? How have, and how do, people use media technology to keep in touch with people or ideas elsewhere? Can these connections help the museum think differently about what it means to be inter/national?

Connections within: How are different places within Bradford Metropolitan District connected? Can media technology help us make better connections between the museum and different communities?

Ideas: Can certain ideas – like translocality, relational thinking, public sphere, democracy and citizenship – help us when we’re explore all our other questions?