A huge variety of people and institutions have collaborated on the Bradford’s National Museum project, from conceptualising it many years ago to being involved in Above the Noise: 15 Stories From Bradford to being involved in this final publication.

  • Aamir Darr
  • Alice Parsons
  • Amy Harbour
  • Anandi Ramamurthy
  • Andy Abbott
  • Andy Clarke
  • Anna Bridson
  • Annie Jamieson
  • Barbara Hladowski
  • Barbara Woroncow
  • Bex Hill
  • Tim Boon
  • Karen Brookfield
  • Cathy Pilkington
  • Charu Vallabhbhai
  • Chris Whitby
  • Claire Mayo
  • Dean Loughran
  • Donna Wilby
  • Elaine Richmond
  • Eleanor Mitchell
  • Elizabeth Llabres
  • Gemma Cowin
  • Geoff Belknap
  • Gin Jacobucci
  • Hal Michaels
  • Helen Langwick
  • Iain Hendry
  • Jean McEwan
  • Jack Wentworth-Weedon
  • Jo Quinton-Tulloch
  • Joan Russell
  • John Ashton
  • John Darnbrough
  • John Rooney
  • Kate Burnett
  • Kathryn Penny
  • Katie Canning
  • Kimberlee Middleton
  • Lachlan Banner
  • Laura Slevin
  • Lewis Pollard
  • Lizzy Holbrey
  • Lorraine Smith
  • Martin Wills
  • Martyn Lenton
  • Mary Dowson
  • Masood Siddique
  • Maureen Rowe
  • Megan Thomas
  • Michael Terwey
  • Nadira Mirza
  • Nabeelah Hafeez
  • Nadine Loach
  • Naureen Khawaja Hafeez
  • Pakeezah Zahoor
  • Phil Oates
  • Phillip Roberts
  • Rameez Khawaja
  • Sajidah Shabir
  • Sarah Ledjmi
  • Sarah Rawlins
  • Seán McLoughlin
  • Si Cunningham
  • Siobhan Devanny
  • Sonia Sarah
  • Stephen Goodfellow
  • Tim Smith
  • Toni Booth
  • Vanessa Torres
  • Vicki Chelms
  • Vicky Clifton
  • Wahida Shaffi
  • Will Gould
  • Will White

Above the Noise: 15 Stories from Bradford

Big thanks to all who were involved in Above the Noise: 15 Stories in Bradford. Our exhibition panel acknowledged everyone per story, we reproduce it here.

Bradford Heritage Recording Unit and East Bowling History Workshop

John Ashton, Carol Greenwood, Steve Kerry, Elizabeth Llabres, Rob Perks, Maggie Pedley, Tim Smith and Lynn Wray

Intergenerational Oral Histories

Aminah Ahmed, Umarah Alam, Saleha Asim, Sarah Bibi, Aamir Darr, Hareema Din, Alina Fiaz, Will Gould, Nabeelah Hafeez, Iqra Jahangir, Mariyah Kayat, Ikra Khalid, Alayna Khan, Kashaf Khan, Safiyah Khan, Zahra Khan, Khizrah Mateen, Hal Michaels, Atiqa Qaiser, Misba Rani, Sarah Rawlins, Sajidah Shabir, Sanah Shah, Rijba Talib, Aarzu Waheed and Zara Zaheer

Family trees

Julia Ankenbrand, Jean McEwan, Arran Rees, Maureen Rowe, Sandra Rowe and Joan Russell

Cassette tape letters

Naureen Khawaja Hafeez, Sarah Ledjmi and Rameez Khawaja

Belle Vue Studio

John Ashton, Elizabeth Llabres, Maggie Pedley, Tim Smith and Lynn Wray

Islamic Sounds

Zahoor Bilali, Bradford Grand Mosque, Alex de Little, Sonia Fayyaz, Nabeelah Hafeez, Annie Jamieson, Seán McLoughlin, Wahida Shaffi, Aysha Sadiqa, Sonia Sarah, Shaykh Asrar ul-Haq Owaisi, Kristina Wolfe of the MSCA-funded VRAASP Project at the University of Huddersfield and Farah Yasin

Accessing the Airways

Paul Coleman, Mary Dowson and Sarah Rawlins

Going Underground

Agnieszka Andryszewski, Robert Andryszewski, Stanislaw Andryszewski, Andrew Chymera, Orysia Chymera, Irena Cyhanko, Irene Diakiw, Michael Fedyszyn, Ruth Fettis, Barbara Hladowski. Chris Hladowski, Efisa Kmit, Bohdan Lanovy, Peter Shutak Stephan Shutak, Tim Smith and Regina Tombs

Asian Film Clubs

Irna Qureshi

Bhangra Daytimers

Mick Chandsoor, Moey Hassan, Fazal Hussain, Mohammed Ishfaque, Ranjit Kaur, Umar Khan, Anjum Malik, Hardeep Sahota and Tim Smith

Asian Youth Movement and the Bradford 12

Jayesh Amin, Idris Bashir, Taj Butt, Aamir Darr, Jeevan DeSouza, Mohan DeSilva, Mary Dowson, Helen Graham, Dave Harrison, Tariq Mehmood, Anandi Ramamurthy, Jani Rashid, Noorzaman Rashid, Jawed Siddiqi and Bovy Singh

Meeting the Mediators

Ishtiaq Ahmed , Si Cunningham, Martin Baines QPM, Baroness Margaret Eaton, Richard Horsman, Zulfiqar Karim DL and Paul Meszaros. Film by Elle Sea Design

Common Wealth and Speaker’s Corner Films

Evie Manning and Alice Parsons

Art commissions and presentations

Basir Mahmood, Amar Kanwar, Salima Hashmi and Nima Poovaya-Smith

Common Space

Andy Abbott, Julia Ankenbrand, Alice Parsons and Lynn Wray

U.S. Dialogues

We’d like to thank everyone we meet and talked to in Chicago and Washington D.C, especially:

  • Elory Rozner, Uncommon Classrooms
  • Erik Peterson, Smart Museum of Art (University of Chicago)
  • Faheem Majeed, Floating Museum
  • Ira Murfin, Chicago Humanities Festival
  • Jennifer Schwarz Ballard, Chicago Botanic Garden
  • Jennifer Scott, Jane Addams Hull-House Museum
  • Lydia Ross, Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events
  • Manny Juarez, Museum of Science and Industry
  • Michelle Stefano, Folklife Specialist in Research and Programs at the American Folklife Center, Library of Congress
  • Nell Taylor, Read/Write Library
  • Nenette Luarca-Shoaf, Art Institute of Chicago
  • Regin Igloria, North Branch Projects
  • Stephanie Norby,  Smithsonian Institution
  • Tracie Spinale, Smithsonian Institution
  • Vanessa Sanchez, Yollocalli/NMMA


Bradford’s National Museum Publication Design and Production

In terms of this publication a big thanks to Jane McDevitt and Richard Claxton from Maraid Design for this website and Lee Goater for the beautiful branding and to Jade French for pitching in last minute and helping us see something we’d been embroiled in for ages through fresh eyes.