Listening to Elizabeth

Elizabeth sounds very positive about the new connections she made through the project. Sometimes I think Bradford Museums & Galleries might work in similar internal bubbles to us. Our departments and teams can work quite individually, maybe it is the same for them. I can find it quite comforting when I hear that other places have similar problems to us, but that they also come together and change that. They seem to be on a similar page or journey to us, to want to change and want to work in new ways. 

From what she says it particularly stuck with me that she appreciated that the Science and Media Museum worked with them as an equal partner. In our team and department, we are very conscious not to frame relationships in a tier like structure, by prestige or importance. I am really happy to hear that other teams seem to do the same. 

Reading Elizabeth’s piece was nice because it is positive and encouraging. Other moments I read were more about the museum being inaccessible or how we are not having the right conversations. And it is very important to hear what we need to do better. But it is also useful to hear where we are on the right path, what we do that we need to do more of.

Bex Hill, Festivals and Cinema Events Coordinator

Elizabeth Llabres's moment

Bradford Museums & Galleries (BMG) were part of the research project from quite early on. Myself and my colleague, John,...