Listening to Sonia

I am overwhelmed by Sonia’s willingness to collaborate in fixing these problems. I don’t know that we deserve this, but she does it. It is helpful what she says, it is difficult to hear, but I am glad she did say it. We learn from this, we started putting together a calendar of events we need to know about.

Alice Parsons, Interpretation Manager

There is this layer of second guessing, on our part, rather than finding out or knowing what people’s drivers are and what their cultural framework really is. There is an element of politeness in knowing the dates of key religious festivals, but we still unconsciously prioritize what we know rather than be impolite enough to ask. 

Dean Loughran, Head of Operations

Sonia Sarah's moment

As a young girl my mum would often bring me and my brothers to the museum. On my tip-toes, I...