Listening to Will

I hear Will say that unsettling and trying something different is what evokes change.

Laura Slevin, STEM Ambassador Engagement Officer

From Will’s two perspective I get the really interesting takeaway that most people have multiple ways into the museum and experiences, it’s good to think about how there is not just one way of knowing or experiencing the museum.

Geoff Belknap, Head Curator

There is a difference between reform, revolution, and abolition when we think about change. It would be interesting to think about what these words could mean for an organisation like ours in terms of change. How do we break down the monolith of nation, organisation, etc? How can we make it more plural? How can these political concepts help us put this into practice?

Sarah Ledjmi, Associate Curator of Sound and Vision

Will Gould's moment

Working on the Bradford’s National Museum project has been interesting because my relationship with the National Science and Media Museum...