Listening to Andy Abbott

What I found interesting is that in the criticisms he is offering, I think he is asking about the middle ground between what is possible. What are you happy with in the middle between small nimble organisations and big national ones? I think that is a challenge for all of us. Realistically, you can’t always go as far as you want. It’s finding what other places in Bradford don’t do, what they are already doing, and then what are we gonna do as a national museum?  

Chris Whitby, Audience Research Manager


We shouldn’t see the museum in isolation to other organisations that exist in the city. Andy Abbott names some that are firmly rooted in their local context, why does he see them rooted? We can strengthen our roots by doing what we do best in terms of our collections, our skills and resources, our profile, and so on, by working with what we have, to bring impact and relevance that has longevity. What does that look like for us? What can we do that adds value? 

Jo Quinton-Tulloch, Director

Andy Abbott's moment

I am one of the local creative practitioners who were involved in the Above the Noise: 15 Stories from Bradford...