Listening to Claire

recognise the lack of time Claire talks about. I started off coming to the staff group meetings, but with everything that has happened this year, I couldn’t continue. 

Cathy Pilkington, Communications Officer

It sounds like the meetings where they were discussing books and podcast sat in a space which wasn’t museum-led or project-led, which created a little bit of freedom. In our other meetings there is always an agenda and a set of tasks, and then on to the next meeting. There is no space to chat about ideas or be creative away from senior management or immediate delivery needs.

Bex Hill, Festivals and Cinema Events Coordinator

The kind of thing we do naturally is to share what we read and watch, but we don’t always connect these to our practice as a museum. A space to do this would be useful.  

Phil Oates, Communications Manager

It resonates with me what Claire says about being on the periphery of the Bradford’s National Museum project and still taking some things away from the project. Just by being involved in the conversations, learning has filtered through and influenced our processes.

Kathryn Penny, Head of Screen Operation

Claire Mayoh's moment

I’ve been on the periphery of the Bradford’s National Museum Project, due to limited time to participate, whilst maintaining a...