Listening to Gin

I hear Gin talking about the monolith that the Science Museum Group feels like to her. I wanted to know more, in what ways did she find it difficult to work collaboratively? I am also interested to hear more about how she experimented and tried simple things in the staff group. 

She starts her piece off with feeling constrained by a hierarchical structure and then there is a positive message that they were able to understand their position in the group better. She ends on a confident note, it sounds like she felt energized. She might have gone through a process and came out feeling a little bit more powerful than before. There is a sense of agency that they were given. It sounds like there was power in the group of staff members exploring how the organisation can change, in the practical steps they found.  

I remember there being talk throughout the BNMP of people feeling empowered to explore and have discussions and possibly challenge the norms. There is a collective power in working together with others.  

When you read Gin’s and Wahida’s piece together you can see that from a museum perspective it might feel that we have made leaps and bounds in terms of working on diversity and in collaboration with Bradford, but for somebody who is outside the organisation it might feel that there is far to go until we are not tokenistic in what we do.

Megan Thomas, Group Head of Special Projects

Gin Jacobucci's moment

The Bradford National Museum Project (BNMP) has been a significantly insightful moment of reflection. Through the project I was able...