Listening to Jean

These are all things the museum could have done. The idea to take a lead in to discuss the methodology, sort relationships out, get expectations in place would be very valuable. But I also see that time scales for exhibition projects make that very difficult. Which does not mean it shouldn’t be done but is challenging to do. You would need to hire more staff, which would make us a better museum. 

There is an extent to which the Bradford’s National Museum project hasn’t impacted the internal workings of the museum. Partly because the museum is not willing to change structures. That is what I see in Jean’s and Helen Langwick’s pieces, the difference between what we should do and how the museum is set up. 

Phillip Roberts, Associate Curator of Photography and Photographic Technology


Jean McEwan's moment

Culture is a human right. Everyone has an equal right to express it on their own terms, without permission or approval. If...