Listening to Mary

How she was describing coming up to the office…it seems like we are so inaccessible. There are so many barriers to get to talking with us. It seems like a metaphor for all of the other barriers people might have.

Bex Hill, Festivals and Cinema Events Coordinator

I like that idea of starting conversations as your primary way of communicating. It’s all about instigating those conversations…most of the things I have done have started through a conversation or happenstance.

Iain Hendry, Audience Developer

Mary’s piece made me think of a time when you experimented on the project with inviting staff to have meetings in the Above the Noise exhibition. The reaction from staff was very mixed, some thought it would be off putting for visitors if we had work meetings in there.

Siobhan Devanny, Explainer Team Leader

Mary Dowson's moment

Mary Dowson audio recorded her ‘moment’: