Listening to Si

The family is everybody who lives and works in Bradford. It changes and is dynamic, but it holds together. It is part of your identify. I love the idea of the museum being the front room, it’s a nice way of phrasing it.

Elaine Richmond, Partnership and Participation Manager

Bradford gets quite bad press but when you talk to people here everybody enjoys living and working there. Si says people come together when they are attacked from the outside. I have only worked in Bradford two years, but I already feel that. I defend Bradford when people talk about it. It’s a good analogy saying we are a family.

John Rooney, Operations Manager

You have to be very, very comfortable in your front room, your friends and family are there, all those things that imply comfort, relaxation. It’s a great aspiration, and far from where we are now. We have to be honest about that. But it’s a great analogy.

Martyn Lenton, Project Manager Exhibitions

Si is putting his idea out as an offer, the museum could be a front room, but isn’t yet. He finishes on ‘don’t be a stranger’. It’s a fair reflection, that we could be but aren’t there yet.

Gin Jacobucci, Volunteers Coordinator

Si Cunningham's moment

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