Listening to John

When I read about the trip John talks about, I thought of how I didn’t know about any of this going on. It made me think of how much we work in our own little bubbles in the museum. We don’t know necessarily what happens in other parts of the museum relationship or events-wise.

It would be great to talk more to each other about what’s happening, to not get just bogged down in our own work. All our meetings are action and agendafocused, there is not much space for informal chats and discussions. But we need that space for collaborative working and thinking, and for relationship building. Sometimes informal discussions used to happen in our kitchen when making a cup of tea. Now that we all work from home, how can we replace those cup of tea moments?  

I agree with John good things can come from a speculative email or phone call. I am by nature quite introverted, and when I am reaching out to make new connections, I question myself a bitIt’s quite nice to hear him say that good things can come from putting yourself out there. It sounds like he was hesitant at first, but more experience made him more confident in reaching out, I really relate to that. 

Bex Hill, Festivals and Cinema Events Coordinator

John Ashton's moment

The opportunity to highlight, widen knowledge of and increase accessibility to one of our important photographic collections, the Belle Vue...