Listening to Naureen

I have two feelings when I read Naureen’s piece. I feel her tremendous sense of pride. But I also feel quite sad reading what she writes. There is a mixture in there about optimism about what this collaborative process could have done and what it didn’t doThe feeling that that moment of opportunity won’t come again is the sense I am getting from what Naureen has written.  

I like the line where Naureen says that she didn’t want people to think that she is this amazing artist, but that we all go through the messy process of making. Her desire to be seen as somebody who does art, instead of as an established artist, is an interesting way of thinking for us as a gallerytype institution. 

Phillip Roberts, Associate Curator of Photography and Photographic Technology

Naureen Khawaja Hafeez's moment

One of the key things about being part of the Above the Noise: 15 Stories from Bradford exhibition for me...