Listening to Vicky

I hear Vicky talking as somebody who is very local in Bradford. If she invites people to come to the museum via her social media channels it has impact. She feels a direct connection between the museum and her Bradford, and there is a lot of power in her knowing so many people and having a large network in the district.    

What Vicky says reminded me of our responsibility to keep working on making the museum as welcoming and open as it needs to be. People not knowing about the museum, or not having been for a while, is one barrier to not coming.….But then there are people who don’t visit not because they don’t know about the museum, but because the museum is not relevant to them, when they come here it doesn’t feel like a place for them.   

Many of us in the museum have really good relationships in Bradford, but many aspects about the museum mean that these relationships are not enough for it to be a welcoming place. That is where organisational change comes in, which builds the bridge between trust and relevance.

Chris Whitby, Audience Research Manager


Vicky Clifton's moment

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